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1992-02-03 - Council of State, Madame Raymonde E., n. 118855

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Legal building of a mosque meeting the requirements of zoning regulations

Key facts of the case - An Islamo-French cultural association had obtained a building permit for a mosque. Several inhabitants of the surrounding zone lodged an appeal against the municipal by-law granting the permit. The administrative Court of Lyon had dismissed their claim.

Main reasoning of the court - The Council of State upholds the ruling in first instance by dismissing several claims of the applicants.
1: the planned building is not such as affecting the residential nature of the zone.
2: the zoning regulations demands that the parking area corresponds to the purpose of the building. By foreseeing 102 parking spaces the planned building abides by those regulations.
3: the mosque will be 24, 35 meters high, which matches with the 25 meters height required.
It results that their claim should be dismissed.

See the decision: Council of State, Madame Raymonde E., 1992-02-03, n. 118855.

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