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2008-08-18 - Eastern High Court of Denmark, n. 12. Afd. B-1005-08, OE2008.B-1005-08 - Child custody-case

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Decision to maintain the parental joint custody despite a disagreement on religious upbringing

Key facts of the case - The M and F, divorced, had joint custody of their three children. The mother, M, however had a growing fear that F would kidnap the children and bring them to Pakistan. M and F have continually had a disagreement on the method of upbringing, especially concerning the religious aspect of their upbringing.
M seeks a more liberal upbringing while, according to her; F beats the children and forces them to read the Koran.
F denies these claims and says although he does indeed praise religious values, he does not force the children in any shape or form. He denies having plans to kidnap the children by saying he has distinct work and social ties to Denmark. He only travels to Pakistan in order to take care of his ailing mother.

Main reasoning of the Court - The Court found that even though there is disagreement between the parents concerning their upbringing, in both the secular and religious sides, there is no evidence of a flight risk and F and M should continue their joint custody.