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2009-07-17 - Regional Administrative Court of Lazio, n. 7076

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Courses of catholic religion’s status in public school

Key facts of the case - Appeal of several atheist and humanist associations and some religious movements lodged an appeal against two orders of the Ministry of Education pertaining to religious education in public schools. The two orders provide for the teaching of Catholic religion in public school the attribution of some formative credits to the students.

Main reasoning of the court - The Administrative Court, in order to ensure the non-discrimination of students that do not choose to follow the teaching of Catholic religion, deemed that this course cannot be considered as an intellectual or educational activity and as such it cannot give a right to receive formative credits. Moreover, teachers of Catholic religion cannot give marks but only assess the interest of students in the subject. They generally cannot participate to the evaluation sessions of the students but only of those who followed the teaching of Catholic religion.
The Administrative Court approved the appeal.